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Unique tommy Bahama Fire Pits
Recommended for You
– There’s nothing quite like an open flame. Particularly on a little patio. A Mexican open-front fireplace, chiminea or chiminea, will fit perfectly in one of bathtubs and the flowerpots. If you are lucky enough to have a garden that is bigger, you might want to put money into a cast-iron one. There are just two basic designs of outdoor fireplaces, Chimineas and Fire Pits. A chiminea could be defined as a single mouth opening fireplace which has a chimney.

The design of a fantastic chiminea creates a drafting action, drawing fresh air to the fire directing smoke/fumes upward away from you and your visitors. The fire burns hotter and cleaner, leaving behind a small amount of ash. Chimineas also enclose a passion, protecting property and people.

They might have chimneys, however, the 360 degree opening prohibits appropriate drafting. Without drafting fire pits smolder due to insufficient airflow generating smoke that may be annoying to your neighbours and uncomfortable for you. As they don’t burn clean, they’ll leave behind considerable amounts of charcoal and ash, better off left in the campground.